Workshop "Cutting the ties that bind us" by method from Phyllis Krystal

Two days intensive workshop by the method of Phyllis Crystal, in nature, in the open air on the topic "I take care of my inner child"

26 and 27 August 2020 in the village of Dolno Sonje, Skopje, 18-21 pm

Phyllis Crystal (1914-2016) is a psychotherapist from the Jung and Erickson School, author of numerous books and the creator of psychological techniques for freeing the false identity and negative programming we build throughout our lives.

The purpose of this method is to gain experience of internal processes that unconsciously prevent us from creating a free and authentic relationship with the people around us as well as with ourselves.

Through this method we will learn how to rely on the inner source of security and wisdom. The method consists of a set of symbols and creative visualization, through which the liberation from the old relationships and patterns of behavior that we have received from our parents, brothers, sisters and / or other important people in our lives is achieved.

26 August 2020 (Wednesday), 18-21 pm
Topic: Cutting the relationships with parents / ex-partners / fears

27 August 2020 (Thursday), 18-21 pm
Topic: Connecting with the inner child, and the energy of love and restoring balance to yourself

.The place of maintenance is in a fully urbanized part of the village Dolno Sonje, easily accessible by car or bus (58 ).

We will work in nature.
Bring: your yoga mat (mattress), something warm for the evening, something to spray against flies, and your good mood.

The participation for both days is 600 mkd. Participation for only one day is MKD 500.

You can make the payment electronically on the bank account of
SUNA Healthy Skopje 300000000379694

Follow the government recommendations for COVID-19 and keep a good mood!

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