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A positive and having healthy life point of view, towards the world, people and yourself is not just a romantic view with a naïve belief in the good intentions of people and the environment, but a proactive communication aimed at the positive aspects of the personality of the individuals and events with which you are in daily contact. The skill of finding such zones within yourself as well as finding the same such zones in the people and events around you is a challenge that you can achieve by participating in the programs and activities that I offer you through this platform. The model I use in my programs and courses includes personal development on personal, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, professional, intellectual and physical aspects. I use activities and methods with which I work to improve personal and professional well-being and I use modern and ancient techniques intended to improve overall psycho-physical health and well-being.

Yours faithfully, Biljana Pesheva, CEO

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Finding joy within yourself and giving joy to everyone around you is a cornerstone of your overall well-being and happiness.

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