Recognizing and Addressing Bullying

Mental well-being of youth is becoming an important topic in North Macedonia, in particular with the increase of news reporting on bullying, peer violence and anxiety among Macedonian teenagers. Up to 45% of Macedonian adolescents have mental health problems, coming from (dis)satisfaction with life, and being expressed through psychosomatic complaints – headaches, stomach pains, nervousness, irritability and sleep problems, to long-term periods of moodiness and dysfunction.

Therefore, with the second activity from the HealthyME project! we focus on the youth in order to build their capacity and support them in the process of identification and dealing with violence and bullying in the school and among peers. So, a group of 20 wonderful kids from two primary schools (OU Kiril Pejchinovic and OU Krume Kepeski) has participated in two day training, that took place in Veles, Hotel Romantic on 8 and 9 November 2023 year.

The children actively participated in the training and learned about behavioral patterns, communication styles, healthy life habits and healthy relationships. They learn what is needed to have good mental health.

Their dedication was uplifting. We were also very happy that during the first session we were visited by the coordinator of the EU Civil Resilience Mechanism (CRM) Focal Point CPM Mrs Marijana Maneva,

HealthyME! is financially supported from the EU project: "Technical assistance for improving the enabling environment for Civil Society Organizations in the Republic of North Macedonia", with Identification Number: EuropeAid/140131/DH/SER/MK implemented by the CPM Consulting International.

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