Building Trust and Enhancing Dialogue Between Youth and Between Youth and Teachers

Understanding. Resolution. Compromise. Conversation. Empathy. Exchange of experiences.

These are just a few of the words that were the theme of the active youth retreat held in Krushevo from January 24 to 26, 2024, with the presence of teachers and children from OOU Krume Kepeski and OOU Kiril Pejchinovich from the municipality of Kisela Voda-Skopje.

This event was an excellent opportunity for young people, alone but also in collaboration with teachers, to work together on topics of tolerance and developing dialogue and to work on raising awareness of the importance of mental health and well-being.

The development of dialogue and trust strengthens the role of young people in society

The inclusion of young people in dialogue and the solving of problems caused by bullying and peer violence is increasingly important in our society. Young people are definitely facing challenges related to the modern way of functioning: too much internet, too little real and authentic communication, too little compassion, empathy among peers, the existence of violence in words, thoughts, and deeds, etc.

Although it is easiest to say that young people are to blame for their behavior, the truth has many faces.

According to our experience and the statements of the participants, the active youth retreat really helped to significantly improve communication and understanding among young pupils and teachers. This two-day event definitely had a positive impact on the well-being, trust, and collaboration of the participants, as they all concluded on the last day of the event.

The primary objectives of this retreat were:

1. To build trust and enhance dialogue among the youth and between youth and teachers.
2. To increase awareness of mental health issues and to promote well-being among the youth.
3. To provide strategies to address and reduce peer bullying and violence.

The program of the retreat consisted of:

1. Interactive sessions: Topics included peer bullying, communication in schools, conflict resolution, and empathy training.
2. Role-Playing: Scenarios that reflect real-life situations to help pupils understand different perspectives.
3. Group Discussions: Safe-space discussions moderated by trainer Zoran Stojkovski to allow sharing and guidance.
4. Team-Building Games: Activities designed to foster trust and collaboration among teachers and pupils.
5. Creative Games: Session for participants to explore and share through drawing or writing.
6. Mentoring Approach: Establishing action plans to prevent bullying as a result of joint collaboration between students and teachers.

A direct benefit from this retreat is the improvement of communication and relationships among participants, both students and teachers.

As they all said, this was the first time that teachers and children were equals and worked together on such an important issue.

The active youth retreat in Krushevo represents an innovative step forward in addressing the challenges faced by youth in the digital age. Through immersive activities and strategic collaborations, the retreat makes progress toward building a more compassionate, understanding, and communicative community among our young people and teachers.

The #HealthyME project is intended to support and improve the mental well-being of young people and is supported by the EU Civil Resilience Mechanism (CRM), a program for direct support of civil society organizations launched within the EU-funded project: Technical support for improving the enabling environment for civil society organizations in the Republic of North Macedonia.

We are 100% committed to the youth in improving their mental health and well-being!


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