The circle of Life - Family constellations

Just as in the family, partnership and business systems individual members assume different roles, our individual psyche has different parts or sub-personalities which are formed in the early stages of our lives as a result of significant emotional reactions; either from our own life or passed down from our ancestors.
Although these parts of us coexist within us, they develop their own beliefs and behaviors and sometimes oppose each other, leading to inconsistencies and internal struggles that drain a lot of energy and prevent us from realizing our dreams. All parts of us belong to us and yearn to be seen and embraced.
At the FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS – Wheel of Life seminar, we will place different parts of us and work on awareness of how they are connected to the blockages that stand in the way of realizing our dreams and desires.
Come to this unique seminar if:
• You try to resolve negative or harmful behaviors
• You want to maintain or develop a romantic relationship
• You try to resolve family conflicts
• You want to overcome inner turmoil
• You have experienced a major trauma or loss
• You are looking for personal and/or professional success
In the first part of the seminar, there will be an introductory lecture on the multifaceted Wheel of Life (destiny) with reference to a woman’s energy and access to a man’s energy, that is, life in partnership and marriage, as an important field in every energy system.
In the second part of the seminar, the systems of the participants will be set up in the form of Family Constellations so that they can look at their life from a different perspective and deal with what prevents them from establishing health and inner peace, finding the love of their life , to improve the relationship with loved ones, to achieve career goals that they thought were unattainable or other important goals.
Family constellations are a group psychotherapy technique developed by psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger in the mid-1970s. The Wheel of Life aims to create a model of the family system to reveal hidden patterns that are difficult to understand and change, and to transform whatever is repressed, forgotten, or not wanted to be seen, either on a personal or transgenerational level.
In this way, the balance and totality of the energy field, both individual and family, is re-established. It brings relief and initiates the healing process at the level of mind, body and soul.
Family constellations search for the roots of the problem and solve it at the level at which it arose. Well, if you decide to work on a personal problem through the Wheel of Life this is a great opportunity to do so. It is enough just to be aware of the problem, to know in which field of your life you want to work and in which area you want to progress.

About the Lecturer
Andrey Karimov is a psychologist and family trainer, ethnographer-folklorist, ethnologist, practical psychologist, author of the systems “Siberian Cossack System” and “Parents and Children”, which are psycho-social models through which the epigenetic system of human social coordinates is revealed.
He is the author of the methodology “Ethnomusical organization of physical education at preschool age”, he was awarded a Gold Medal at the Siberian Fair in the field of educational technologies, a medal and a commemorative sign of M.N. Melnikov.
In 2007, his book “Ethno-musical organization of physical education at preschool age” was published, a series of educational videos on the topic “Parents and children” were recorded, and he began to conduct a training program for trainers on this method.
Later in 2009 he founded the international school of Russian martial arts “Siberian Cossack System”, which by 2022 has spread to 23 countries, on 5 continents.
In the period between 2003-2017, he is the author, screenwriter and director of more than 100 educational and popular films about traditional culture, martial arts, family and developmental psychology.
The film “Siberian Outfall” (about work with teenagers) became a laureate of the Russian film festival “Sredba” in Obninsk.
In 2012, he created the international school Empower the child - "Parents and Children".
From 2005 until today, he has been conducting psychological-pedagogical practice and family counseling. He is a practical psychologist. Family trainer. Leads international seminars and courses. Psychologist-consultant of private kindergartens and schools. Specialist in developmental psychology and family constellations. Author of the book “Pedagogy of Initiation”. Married. He has 5 children.
The lecturer has been successfully working in the field of education of children and adults for 30 years.
Date: November 30 (Thursday) and December 1 (Friday)

Time: 17.00 – 21.00 hours

Venue: GTC Conference Hall (quayside on the first floor, next to Bolin Audio Center)

Mandatory registration at the following link:
The payment is made electronically to giro account: 210074215240170 at NLB Bank, name: Sistema Sibirski Kozak Skopje, purpose of remittance: Seminar – [Participant’s name]
*There is an opportunity for an individual private session exclusively by scheduling the number below
Contact: Viber +38970267615

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