Mental Detox Challenge

    In order to strengthen awareness of the importance of mental and emotional health, I invite you from February 24 to 28 to join the free ONLINE challenge that I will lead through the Zoom platform.

    From an early age I became interested in and practiced techniques for awareness of thoughts and calming the mind. Since 2013, I have been leading yoga classes, meditations and trainings to improve personal, emotional and mental health, I have held and am still holding trainings and team buildings to improve communication and relationships in teams. From all these years of working with myself, with individuals and groups or companies, I strongly believe that meditation has the power to heal pain or trauma, release stress, and most importantly fill with new energy or life! Through meditation, the person in a gentle and careful way enters his (forgotten basement) of the subconscious, where he gets the opportunity to discover, unravel and realize the deepest and most magnificent contents and secrets that exist in him.

    Meditation helps you do that task carefully, lovingly, accepting and integrating yourself and your consciousness into One.

    This challenge is all about experiencing the power of meditation so you can lead a happy and fulfilling life.

    The challenge is intended for all those who want to work on themselves and improve their personal and emotional health!

    The strength and size of the unconscious is probably best summed up by Dr. Eric Berne (1957) the father of transactional analysis, who says that our subconscious is not just a "dead" basement, where you leave old dusty books and they don't move until the moment comes to open them. Well! Our subconscious mind is like herding a flock of rabbits. These 'rabbits' feed on our repressed and hidden feelings and thoughts, multiply and become more and more powerful, and if not released, can completely flood the basement (or our Mind).

    So let's clear our MIND with the power of meditation!

    Register in time at the following LINK, places are limited!

    See you at the challenge!

    Love and light❤️
    Bibi Pesheva


    PS. Sign up and participate in the five-day challenge, increase awareness of your mental and emotional health through the power of meditation!

    February 24-28, 2023, 8:00 pm, every evening, one hour just for you!

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