Inner journey a road to your own spirituality

January sessions for wakening the spiritual part of your self

Embark the coldest month of the year on a warm journey towards yourself, where through a process of self-observation you will get the opportunity to get in touch with your Spiritual part of your self Higher Consciousness.

The purpose of this cycle of spiritual meditations will be to get in touch with your past life experiences, gain insight into your Akashic records, work on releasing your karma, and get in touch with your spiritual Self. Through the methods we will work with, you will learn how to rely on your inner source of security and wisdom. The method is based on a set of symbols and creative visualization, through which contact is made with the Higher Consciousness (that is the wise part inside yourself – which some call intuition, wisdom, self, inner God or other).

Our subconscious contains everything that has happened to us since our earliest age, but also the experiences of past lives, which we do not remember consciously, but with the help of this method, everyone will be able to get to that experience that unconsciously made an impact. on his personality and on the basis of which we made a decision that still affects our life. Those unconscious decisions are the internal energy connections that inhibit, limit and prevent you from leading an authentic and healthy life.

®“Incredible liberation. For me, my anger and pain were located in my thyroid and in my heart, and I also have a health problem there. I found the anger in relation to my mother and her controlling behavior throughout my life and my inability to explain myself to her and make my voice heard.” Zorica I.

Let’s dive into this year 2024 by activating the spiritual-spiritual self in that process.


#1 Date January 7, 2024 (Sunday) 8:00 p.m

Topic: Unlinking to the Monkey Mind, Connecting to Higher Consciousness, and Journeying Through Your Akashic (Ether) Records

In this session we will work on old traumas, events or experiences that are deeply rooted in your subconscious and affect the present. In meditation we will take a mental journey through the akasha (ether) (from where our human form arose) to see where the attachment, aversion and fear we have in our life originates.

#2 Date January 14, 2024 (Sunday) 8:00 p.m

Topic: Meditation for Detachment from Karma

Each person has their own unique karmic story.

Contrary to the traditional psychological approach that says that man is born as a “tabula rasa” or a clean white board on which nothing is written, the traditional spiritual view sees man as a soul and says that every single person is born with a pre-built program (like a computer with a built-in program) in which the algorithms and combinations are foreseen in advance to: meet certain people, face certain experiences, learn something through suffering or loved ones, etc. These events that we encounter on our life’s path are actually our karmic experiences, those that we have not completed in past lives.

Therefore, each person has his own unique karmic program and goes through different experiences to mature and grow in his life. And not every karmic experience can be worked out in this life. What is important to know and is related to NOW AND HERE and our current life is that we create karma with our actions, thoughts and emotions, the consequences of which we will face in this life and possibly in the following lives.

So if you feel stuck in life and you don’t know where it comes from, this meditation is for you where by returning to past lives you will discover the root of your attachment and blockage Thanks to the technique of the psychologist Phyllis Crystal and the Higher Consciousness which is a symbol of the inner wisdom and is our inner witness, you will see your entire life path, the lessons you have missed in past lives, through this deep meditation.

#3 Date January 21, 2024 (Sunday) 8:00 p.m

Topic Unleashing your fears and your shadow and connecting with your inner child

You will gain experience about the inner fears and blockages that unconsciously prevent you from creating a free and authentic relationship with the people around you as well as with yourself. Through this method you will come in contact with your SHADOW, that part of you that prevents you from growing and progressing in life.

#4 Date January 28, 2024 (Sunday) 8:00 p.m

Topic: Rebirth and connection with the energy of love and returning balance to yourself

This session will give your heart the so-called “By-Pass” so that it can energetically balance, balance and release old pains and traumas. When we talk about the Bypass of the Heart we are talking about reconnecting with the energy of love that flows within each one of us because we are all born with the ability to love and be loved. All we have to do is untangle ourselves from the past and painful experiences so that we can allow the energy of love to flow freely through us.


Duration of one session is 2 hours (20:00-22:00)

The sessions will be conducted through the ZOOM platform. To participate, you need to have stable internet, access to Zoom via computer or mobile, and most importantly, a quiet place where you can isolate yourself for 2 hours from your homework and duties.

Price: 3,200 MKD for 4 sessions, price of one session 1,000 MKD

For Payments until December 24 for the entire package, the price is 2,100 MKD

You can make the payment by card through this website


Experience from our participants:

® “Actually, I don’t know if I was able to speak after the session, I needed time to sort out in my head the mixed feelings that came to me during the meditation and after that. It was wonderful, I practiced yoga, I meditate occasionally, but that was something different, an awareness of moments that I had not thought about before. Thank you very much, I hope to be able to attend the next workshops.”

® “A very interesting meditation, a tool for releasing my anger was the pliers. I believe that the reason for that lies in the fact that during my childhood and youth I had to listen to my mother


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