Biljana Pesheva

Founder and the Executive Director of SUNA Healthy LIFE:

Biljana Pesheva is a nationally qualified trainer for adults according to the law on education in the Republic of Macedonia, a researcher in the psychological direction of transactional analysis with education in the country and abroad with more than 600 working hours, a trainer for improving intellectual and interpersonal skills in individuals and organizations, a spiritual practitioner and seeker, hatha yoga instructor and holistic personal wellness coach.

Biljana is the founder of the Healthy Life Skills & Healthy Yoga brand, where she holds seminars, retreats, active vacations, trainings and classes to reduce stress and tension in the modern man using a comprehensive (holistic) approach in working with individuals and groups.

Author and creator of the hybrid programs: "Conscious Health", "Create a new image for yourself", "Move with ease", "Learn how to increase your self-confidence", "Release from suppressed emotions", "Cycle of spiritual workshops", "Mental and emotional healing", "Learn how to achieve your goal" then regularly runs free spring and autumn five daily challenges for mental and emotional maturation and transformation.

Her many years of experience include the organization of eighteen active yoga retreats and countless seminars for the development of soft skills for work organizations.

Starting from her mental and emotional purity and clarity, she is completely focused on anointing and supporting women and all people who feel stuck in life and need encouragement and support to make their own personal transformation.

Biljana is a graduate economist at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje and with an additional qualification in pedagogy and methodology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje, and a master's degree at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje in the area of Marketing. In his professional work experience, he has worked in work organizations in the development and implementation of projects for sustainable development and psycho-social projects, while for the last 20 years he has been working professionally on the development of modern technologies in the field of self - service products and channels.

From informal education, he attended education and growth and development groups in the field of Transactional Analysis in Macedonia and Serbia, more than 600 working hours. Transactional Analysis is a direction in psychotherapy that studies interactions between people, that is, their communication. The founder of Transactional Analysis is Dr. Eric Berne, and according to him, verbal communication, especially face-to-face communication, is key to connections and relationships between people.

Biljana has passed the certified training "Holistic health and wellness couch" with which she has acquired knowledge about a holistic (comprehensive) approach to the person as a "Coach for comprehensive personal well-being".

For more than 30 years, Biljana has been a practitioner and student of classical yoga, meditation and breathing techniques, according to the teachings of the Bihar School of India, the Sathya Sai Organization and the Art of Living. She was part of several large spiritual organizations in the country where she led projects, tasks, humanitarian events with the aim of implementing human values in practice.

Today she holds retreats, trainings and classes to reduce stress and tension in the modern man using a comprehensive (holistic) approach in working with individuals and groups.

At the moment, he leads trainings, trainings, retreats, camps and seminars for the development of intellectual and interpersonal skills for individuals and employees in public and private organizations, trainings for project preparation, project methodologies and programs to support the civil and state sectors.

Area of expertise

- Development of intellectual and interpersonal skills
- Physical and mental health and overcoming stress by practicing yoga exercises
– Development of skills to detach from limiting relationships – according to the method of psychotherapist Phyllis Crystal (1914-2016)
– Comprehensive personal and professional development and well-being
– Development of entrepreneurship and development of business ideas
– Marketing and promotion

In her private life, she is the mother of two children and a dog, loves mountains and nature.

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