Wellness & Active vacation’s

Balance your Mind, Body and Spirit 

Active and Healthy time just for your self 


If you want time for your self, stepping out of your conform zone, experience activities full with content and networking with people with same interests, please join our next active vacation or retreat.

The concept that we are using is Holistic, and it is much more than just taking care of physical health, exercise or diet. Holistic means full integration of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Through systematic program and activities, we are learning you to implement in your daily life ancient and modern methods for gaining inner balance, but also to learn new techniques through which you will learn how to improve your personal or professional life.

Methods of work  

Achieving mental, emotional, physical and mental balance with us


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

We are using the world-famous technique for emotional release. This technique is focused at detecting the imbalance of the energy in the body. Correcting this imbalance by 'just" tapping on certain parts of the body neutralizes the negative emotions that are etched in the subconscious and restores your energy, motivation and fulfillment in life.

Personal growth and development

Using the knowledge of modern psychology, we work to improve personal emotional well-being, by developing a healthy way of thinking and building healthy habits.

Holistic approach

The model we use includes the development of personal social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, professional, intellectual and physical capacities. The holistic approach will give you support on the way to achieving your goals.

Strengthening the internal balance

We use methods to assess personal and professional well-being and we teach you new skills for integration of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Creative visualization

We apply relaxation and visualization techniques that are specially developed to be practiced by people who have no previous experience in this field. Through creative visualization you will be able to take the mind to a state in which it will learn to relax and be awake at the same time, thus achieving a sense of flow and filling with vital energy.

Team work

We are using in our work scientifically designed personality checking tools, where, through the group work,  you will develop a greater understanding of intrapersonal communication that affects the workings of your mind and the laws of the mind, allowing you to get to know yourself and others better.


We have introspection sessions, which, along with breathing techniques and meditations, results in deep detoxification that allows your mind to fully relax and join the inner source of creativity and joy.

Breathing techniques

We are teaching breathing techniques through which, you can neutralize deep-seated stress and reduce your fatigue. By practicing breathing techniques, you will improve your personal well-being, increase your optimism, strengthen your mental focus and raise your body's immune function.

Yoga practice

We practice simple and effective Hatа Yoga practices for stretching and relaxing the body, through which you will be able to feel and energize your body, improve its flexibility and expand your physical   boundaries.

Why you should come with us on our retreats ? 

The English word “retreat” means “quiet or secluded place where you can experience inner peace and relaxation” and that is exactly what is happening on our retreats.

Yoga practice enters deep into our daily lives, especially now when we are facing with lot of stress and dynamic lifestyle. But even though, many people complain that they can not attend yoga classes regularly due to lack of time and many responsibilities, it is true that in the wellness active vacation’s and yoga camps they can learn the basics of yoga from the best and most inspiring instructors. There you will find time to talk to the instructors and ask for opinions to improve your condition and your body. By participating in yoga classes you will feel the limits of your body and you will learn exercises that will increase your elasticity and flexibility .

The retreats are usually held in nature. Do you know why? Because life energy or “prana” is mostly founded in nature (mountain, forest, sea or lake). To visit these places is great, but in combination with yoga and breathing techniques, you are allowing the new fresh energy to enter in our body. This is the most successful and fastest way to fill yourself with new energy. The dynamic life that we live today, unfortunately, negatively affects our natural vital energy, our health and our longevity so participating on the retreats you are helping yourself to boost your system with energy and oxygen.

Going to a yoga retreat or camps does not prevent you from using your digital devices (mobile, computer, tablet), but it is a great opportunity for you to retire from digital addiction and detoxify your mind. Retreat is the perfect excuse to disconnect from technology and get involved in life. When withdrawing, you can spend some time with yourself, without the constant need to check notifications or spend a lot of time on social networks. At the retreat, you rejuvenate your body and dedicate a whole week to yourself in order to improve your mind and body

The benefits are: You will have time to withdraw so you will be able to introspect your life, your relationships with other people, your work and thus perform a self-analysis of your life. At an event like this, it will be much easier for you to make a decision about yourself or your life, but also about the path you want to keep walking. It is easier to make decision there, because your mind and your emotions with yoga and meditation practice will be in balance and thus your decisions will be deep and meaningful to you.

Yoga is associated with satvic or vegetarian / vegan food, which is a great detoxifier for your body. Food reduces negative ions in your body and removes any unwanted elements. Food helps in the treatment of various health diseases. Our health is largely related to the food we eat. On Yoga retreats usually you will eat vegetarian food, plenty of vegetables and fruits in order to completely detoxify your body. And in a healthy body, healthy spirit lies. At your request and in agreement with the organizer, the food can be adjusted to your needs.

Yoga Camp or Wellness Retreat is the perfect place to treat you and your physical, mental and emotional state. The yoga exercises that are practiced there are more than good way to improve your overall condition and health. Indulging yourself in exercise and nature is a good way to find the root or cause of your problems. Yoga can reduce the symptoms of depression or stress and thus increase your self-confidence and faith in you and the world around you.

Most of us have different fears. They can be related to work, money, partners, death, etc. Yoga retreats and camps are the perfect place to face your fears. It achieves inner balance and peace through regular practice of yoga exercises and meditation, insight into the inner contents, contact with the subconscious, and through all that you can connect with your spiritual self or with the higher Consciousness that lies in each one of you, with with the help of which you can face all your fears.

On the yoga retreats we practice creative visualizations and guided meditations through which we work on visualizing our lives from a different perspective. With these techniques your analytical skills will be strengthened, your creativity will increase, your joy will grow. That way you will find it easier to find the positive aspects of your life and make better future choices for yourself and your surroundings. Most importantly you can set a new track and perspective for your life.

Effectiveness: A deep sense of relaxation and rest, which helps to increase efficiency and productivity in life.
Happiness: Increasing awareness of personal health and well-being
Focus: Adopting techniques for calming and centering the mind and personal focus and at the same time establishing an active and alert state of mind
Ability to disconnect: You will develop skills to separate stress and tension from yourself.
Ability to sleep better at night.
Sustainable Behavior: You will learn how to use the techniques on your own and thus get a system of sustainable behavior that can become a cornerstone of your early self-care.
Joy: You will awaken the hidden potential in yourself, a potential that lies in your inner “Child” and that generates joy, enthusiasm and happiness.

The mind is like a spinning machine. When the machine is running too much, it overheats. The same goes for your mind. Too many thoughts cause the mind to overheat which ultimately leads to anxiety, insomnia, constant fatigue, aggression, depression or something else. Meditation is a regular practice and is part of the program of our yoga retreats and wellness camps. It calms the mind and balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain. When you have control over the thought process in your mind, you can easily get an answer to any question or problem that is bothering you. Meditation helps you to use all your thoughts and channel them to get a better focus in life.

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