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The managers and employees at all levels in the organization must have developed communication skills in order to achieve an effective working relationships. Through self-assessment, role-playing activities and simulations, this training will develop the potential of the employees in a dynamic way, which will contribute to the team culture and prevent future conflicts.  

This training explores different individual strategies coping with stress. Participants will learn how to work and create a motivating work environment stress free. Through practical exercises and stress management techniques, each participant will adopt different ways of managing stress.

The conflicts in the workplace are inevitable in any organization. Therefore it is essential that all levels employees receive training in conflict resolution. This program includes sessions to understand the different types of workplace conflict, the stages of conflict and the possible dynamics of conflict. Participants learn how to lead positive and constructive interactions with their colleagues and clients and how to transform a conflict situation.

The participants in this training will acquire the skills to plan and prioritize, as well as the skills to effectively delegate tasks. With these skills, they will manage their time and the time of the organization in a effective and productive way.

Developing skills for public speaking, presentations and other formal interactions are often part of an employee’s job responsibilities. Formal communication is only a small percentage of the verbal communication that takes place within an organization, while informal communication can take place at meetings, between associates and at company events. Informal communication skills are key for success od every company and employee. This training will help you understand the basic principles of listening, persuasion and negotiation.

This training will teach you how to turn any idea into an action plan. Not only will you get an overview how to set goals on SMART way , but also you will learn how your plan will turn into daily routines. Whether it is running a project, traveling through the South of Europe by car, or developing a successful internet business, each of the major achievements starts with the SMART setting a goal.

Management is one of the skills that is becoming very important and many employers list it as a prerequisite / advantage in employment. Management is a skill, key to the success, functionality, effectiveness and efficiency of a company or organization. Through this training you will acquire knowledge that will help you to identify your own qualities and abilities needed for effective management skills.

Success in business depends on the ability to negotiate properly. Negotiation depends on the ability to communicate and that is exactly what we will work on in this training. Through practical examples and interactive exercises, participants will adopt new techniques and skills for successful negotiation and better positioning in life.

This training covers everything you need to know about sales from preparation and planning, building relationships with clients, techniques for dealing with complaints, to closing a contract at a good price. This will increase your sales potential.

This training offers useful and applicable strategies, where participants will learn how to plan and how to hold productive meetings. They will learn to use various tools to better manage their time and the time they spend in meetings.

This training is designed to gain skills for delivering successful presentations. The way how we present ourselves and our ideas is of paramount importance to the success of the company. In addition, the participants will get acquainted and learn modern presentation applications and tools that will enable interactivity and structure the topic that they are holding.

This training explores different strategies for establishing quality relationships with clients and for establishing strong partnerships with other organizations. Participants will adopt the global CRM (Customer Relationships Management) concept and the strategies that this concept has in terms of sales and customers.

This module provides the development of practical skills designed to help people connect with their own capacities to deal effectively with issues related to work, stress, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, adverse emotional reactions and limitations. The wellness concept is a new paradigm with which we want to help people on their jobs to establish control over the challenges they face at work.

The offered BEST methodology is a system of bioenergy synchronization of the teams in the organization through which the balance of the body, mind, memory and mental energy fields is established and the flow of the whole bio energy throughout the body is improved. It is a technique of creating internal balance, developing mental focus and creating synergy within different organizational units that leads to joint problem solving and the development of new approaches and ideas.

In this training, participants will be introduced to the decision-making process and the factors that influence decision-making. They will gain the skills to make the right decision that will enable the team to be more effective in the work process.

Problem solving is a mental process that involves the ability to analyze and find the solution that gives the best results. In this training, participants will adopt different methods for creative and innovative problem solving.

In this training, participants will gain new knowledge in the field of innovation and creativity that will help them successfully develop their capacities. They will learn how to recognize and choose an activity that encourages them to think innovatively and creatively.

For a company to work successfully, it is necessary for its employees to be able to control and manage their own and other people’s emotions. Through this training, participants will learn how to overcome emotional communication problems in the workplace and create a pleasant work environment with the help of emotional intelligence.

In this training, the participants will be introduced to the world-famous technique TQM (Total Quality Management), through which they will learn the skills for providing quality, responsibility, and quantity at work.

The success of an organization depends on the quality of leadership at all levels within it. This training focuses on developing and improving the individual leadership skills and techniques necessary for managing people and organizations.

Head Coach for
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Biljana Pesheva, MA.

Ms. Biljana Pesheva is a professional trainer for adults (coach), earned at the Adult Education Center in line with the Law on Education in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Biljana holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree (marketing) from the Faculty of Economics in Skopje.  She also holds Pedagogy and Methodology qualifications from the Philosophy Faculty in Skopje. Her professional working experience of over 25 years she acquired in different organisations focusing on diverse but related fields of activities, starting from projects’ implementation for sustainable development and social projects, up to projects focusing on development of contemporary technology in the self-service industry, where she works today.

She has also participated in non-formal education courses and work groups for personal growth and development in the area of Transactional Analysis, in Macedonia and Serbia, with more than 500 educational hours. Transactional Analysis is a school of psychotherapy that studies interpersonal relations and communication. According to Mr. Eric Bern, the founder of Transactional Analysis, the verbal communication, especially face-to-face communication is essential in relationships and relations for the humans’ communication.

Furthermore, she organises training, retreats and workshop – seminars for development of intellectual and interpersonal skills for individuals and employees in both, public and private organisations, training for project planning, project methodology and programs to support the private and public sector

Specialized offers for personal growth and development 

Systemically integrated (holistic) training 

Do you have balance in your life? Do you want to connect yourself with your values and priorities. Do you want to learn how to devote enough time to the important aspects in your life? животот?

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Systematic integrated training for emotional balance using the method from psychologist Phyllis Crystal

Phyllis Crystal (1914-2016) is a psychotherapist from the Jung and Erickson School, author of numerous books and creator of the psychological technique for emotional balance through cutting the inner ties that bind us to false relationships, identities, and negative programming that people build throughout their lives.

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“I highly recommend Healthy Life Skills to anyone who wants to work on self improvement  physically, mentally and spiritually. Participation of regular yoga classes are ideally structured to get rid of the tension, worries and burdens that everyday life brings, while active retreats are something that must be experienced. I always dive deep into them, I experience wonderful and unforgettable experiences with Biljana Pesheva, I enrich myself intellectually and socially by meeting amazing people with whom I continue to hang out. Do not hesitate, sign up for the next class and the next yoga retreat, Bibi is a true professional who will help you discover the light in you. “

Hristina V, Maj 2019

You are always open to new experiences. Organize such retreats more often. Bibi, because you are getting better and better with every retreat, and so are we!

Magdalena K, September 2020 , Your Content Goes Here

“Balanced mix of exercises, theory and nature”

Vera K, September 2020, Your Content Goes Here

“Very practical soft skills and healthy living skills! You really get what you need in training!”

Elena M, April 2019

“Biljana is a top quality coach. She gives 100% to the trainings, exercises and lectures.”

Matilda S, December 2019

“Wonderful lecture and work atmosphere.”

Vera B, January 2019

“If you are a beginner, she will introduce you to the secrets of meditation, yoga, healthy lifestyle and she will help you to connect with your inner essential self, with a lot of love and wisdom! And, if you are already experienced, you can exchange experiences and progress with Biljana Pesheva . I highly recommend her sessions.”

Daniela S, December 2018

“I learned the method of Phyllis Crystal in India, and through Biljana Pesheva I started practicing it this year regularly. With my modest but long experience in spiritual development, I would warmly recommend it to everyone! And Biljana gives it with great love.”

Daniel G, December 2018

Biljana has proven to be the best in Macedonia and beyond. The road may be long but you Bile, you have what will take you to the top!”

Katerina S, December 2019