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Personal & Professional Development

Positive and healthy approach in life means proactive communication focused on the positive aspects of personality of individuals and events with which you are in daily contact. To become present to such moments in life can be achieved by participating in our programs and activities, offered to individuals and to the corporate employers too.  The model that we use in our programs includes holistic approach towards the individuals. With it, we work on a personal, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, professional, intellectual and physical aspect of each individual.  We use activities and proven western methods that work to improve the well-being as well as we practice modern and ancient techniques designed to improve overall psycho-physical health. 

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Yoga picnic #YogaMat #PicnicMat #HealthyYoga

September 29th, 2020|

Our Life, Yoga and People (with the same or similar beliefs), are the places where we can make our own oasis, which we will fill with ease, love, health and immeasurable joy. This is how

Yoga weekend in beautiful Lazaropole

September 19th, 2020|

Date: 03-06 September 2020, Hotel Kalin on a half board basis (breakfast and dinner) We invite you to join us for the September Yoga Weekend in the magical Lazaropole at 1,350 meters above sea level

Empowerment wellness

August 19th, 2020|

We use methods to assess personal and professional well-being (Wellness) and to adopt new skills for the integration of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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“I highly recommend Healthy Life Skills to anyone who wants to work on themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Regular yoga classes are ideally structured to get rid of the tension, worries and burdens that everyday you are facing , while yoga retreats are something that must be experienced. I always dive deep into them, I experience wonderful and unforgettable experiences with Biljana Pesheva, I enrich myself intellectually and socially by meeting amazing people with whom I continue to hang out. Do not hesitate, sign up for the next class and the next yoga retreat, Bibi is a true professional who will help you discover the light in you.”

Hristina V, May 2019

“Very practical healthy and soft skills! You really get what you need on the trainings! “

Elena M , April 2019

“ A feeling of liberation, of energy, of growing in oneself, that is what Bile gives us with meditations and yoga. “

Natasa B, Mart 2020

“I learned the method of Phyllis Crystal in India, and through Biljana Pesheva I started practicing it this year. With my modest long experience in spiritual development, I would warmly recommend it to everyone: the warmest and most sincere! And Biljana gives it with great love.”

Daniel G, December 2018

“ Best for yoga and meditation. “

Elena B, April 2019

“ The voice of the instructor is calming “

Sonja M, December 2018

“ Inspires, Motivates and Elevates the members towards action”

Irena A , April 2020

“ Best meditations ever. Biljana is professional in all aspects. I especially appreciate her engagement in this time. I highly recommend her “

Snezana B, April 2020

“ Congratulations Biljana for  your selfless dedication that you have, fore the investing the time in us and spread positive energy!  Your yoga classes are wonderful.”

Irena S, April 2020

“ Biljana leads wonderful and powerful meditations”

Katerina M, April 2020

“ The best ONLINE meditation! Thank you for the selfless support that you give us in these quarantine days. “

Anita K, April 2020

“ Wonderful as always. You give me back my smile and my wings. Thank you Bibi for doing this and for making our lives more beautiful  “

Irena I, May 2020

“ A wonderful experience for all the senses. Thank you very much Biljana “

Aleksandra KB , April 2020

“ I am very satisfied after every class and I feel great after that. It is so good that you exist, because if not, we would have to invent you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! “

Suzana Lj, April 2020

“ Wonderful online classes and people “

Kiraca K, April 2020

“Exercises and meditations in combination with the character and voice of Biljana Pesheva are an experience that makes your day, month, year easier … BRAVO Biljana for the idea to go online yoga and meditation in a time when we all need you! You are a Empress! Thank you for existing! “

Jasmina A , Mart 2020

“ Best yoga classes “

Marga S, April 2020

“Biljana is a top quality coach who gives 100% to the training’s  and lectures she gives.”

Matilda S , December 2018
Vera B, January 2020

“If you are a beginner, she will introduce you to the secrets of meditation, yoga, healthy lifestyle and thinking, to connecting with your inner, essential self, with a lot of love and freedom! And if you are already experienced, you can exchange with Biljana Pesheva “Experiences and progress together. I highly recommend her sessions.”

Daniela S, December 2018

“Biljana has proven to be the best in Macedonia and beyond. The road may be long but you Bile, you have what will take you to the top!”

Katerina S, December 2018