Healthy Life Skills 

SUNA Healthy LIfe – Skopje 

Our MISSION is creating an enabling society in Macedonia, and beyond, where people can awake their human potentials through a systematic and integrated education and practices.

Our VISSION is improving of the personal and professional life of individuals and the society in general.

Our OBJECTIVE is providing a continual education and practices  for individuals, both, in the civil and private sector, that have interest in acquiring new knowledge and developing (inter) personal skills. These we accomplish by organising seminars and training classes, such as team buildings, improving personal communication skills of individuals and working teams, as well as, variety of other activities for improving personal development by using a holistic (systemic and integrated) approach.

Founder and the Executive Director 

Ms. Biljana Pesheva is a professional trainer for adults, holding a national certification for:  – Trainer for adults with 210 training hours; Communication skills, work in teams and groups with an experience of 100 training hours; and Dealing with stress factors certificate with 100 class hours, earned at the Adult Education Center in line with the Law on Education in the Republic of North Macedonia.

She has also participated in non-formal education courses and work groups for personal growth and development in the area of Transactional Analysis, in Macedonia and Serbia, with more than 500 educational hours*. 

Biljana has also completed a certified training – “Holistic health and wellness couch” where she has acquired knowledge for the holistic approach towards the individual as a “Trainer of holistic personal welfare”.


She has an extensive experience as a practitioner and a student of classical yoga, meditation and breathing techniques according the Bihar school of yoga, India. She is the teacher and instructor for the “Breath, Water and Air” workshop, a part of the Art of living program. She regularly holds courses, classes and workshops in the field of yoga techniques and exercises for stress and tension reduction.

Furthermore, she organizes training, retreats and workshop – seminars for development of intellectual and interpersonal skills for individuals and employees in both, public and private organization’s, training for project planning, project methodology and programs to support the private and public sector.

Biljana holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree (marketing) from the Faculty of Economics in Skopje.  She also holds Pedagogy and Methodology qualifications from the Philosophy Faculty in Skopje. Her professional working experience of over 25 years  she acquired in different organization’s focusing on diverse but related fields of activities, starting from projects’ implementation for sustainable development and social projects, up to projects focusing on development of contemporary technology in the self-service industry, where she works today.


Areas of Expertise


  • Soft skills development (intellectual and interpersonal skills);
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Yoga  with expertise in physical and mental  health and overcoming stress by practicing yoga techniques;
  • Psychotherapeutic method of Phyllis Krystal worldly known as “Cutting the ties that bind”
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Holistic approach  for personal and professional development and welfare
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Entrepreneurship and business idea development










* Transactional Analysis is a school of psychotherapy that studies interpersonal relations and communication. According to Mr. Eric Bern, the founder of Transactional Analysis, the verbal communication, especially face-to-face communication is essential in relationships and relations for the humans’ communication.


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